Ali Michael shot by Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine.

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Unfinished Sue Storm/Doom piece.

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Old University Peer #1: “Just got offered a new position at my firm.”

Old University Peer #2: “I’m about to go to Oxford to do my Masters in Law.”

Me: “Cool. I just finished Super Mario 3D World and bought some Stan Smiths.”



Would I Lie To You

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Discussion of the quality of your recent fingerbangs dot tumblr dot com

Vertigo (1958). Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend’s wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

Imagine being too tired to grasp the themes of obsession and to appreciate this influential piece of work, and instead just pulling a mortified face throughout the final act. Cinematography was a real beauty tho. Time at the Astor well spent.


Meteor Falls, Hoenn Region

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Zack Seckler

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The thought just crossed my mind, as I was booking flights to the GC over Easter to visit the fam, that I could take the train up to Brisbane for Record Store Day. And that familiar tension that likes to build up in my face began to make it’s way from the back of my jaw, up to my forehead. “Records” and “Easter” triggered these nasty little synapses involved in the distant memory of a particularly nice weekend spent with what was a great friend and lover. I haven’t set foot in Brisbane since September. And I forgot that place is littered with every important memory from my adult life. There’s far too much sweet that accompanies the sour. A fallen street sign during a storm. A decadent iced chocolate clasped in one hand, a bag full of vegetables in the other. An incense stick that smelt of fresh laundry. Dog print on everything. A passionate kiss behind the curtain at a club. A James Bond film after a desperate search for a waterfall. Three friends crammed into my bed watching Blade Runner. Two bloody noses. It’s been seven months since my rash decision to board a plane with a few bags in tow. No one loves me here. But no one could love me in Brisbane so why do I care so much about these stupidly nice memories that really don’t matter? And this guy told me to listen to Felt and I was doing perfectly well before the guitar intro in “Evergreen Dazed” started playing. 

I lived as I died.

Confused about guys’ intentions towards me.


Kingscliff, NSW

Home town steez

Title: Wakin On a Pretty Day Artist: Kurt Vile 2,095 plays


Kurt Vile - Wakin On a Pretty Day

(⌒-⌒; ) never not smiling like some dumb idiot whenever I hear this.

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It’s pretty cool, I guess: he knows a bit about all of the injustices in the world… but also knows his place… as a white dude.

Jacky, simultaneously talking about a date she recently went on and reminding me how much I love and miss her.  (via house-quake)

Ren asked me how many dirty dishes I currently have next to and around my bed. I said none. He’s proud of me I think :’)


a lot of us:

*talks shit about white boys all day*

*dates white boys*

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